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Mark S. Jones

President | CEO

HEART is at the center of our intended culture and provides the framework for our core values. I see the H and T as bookends that hold everything together.  It starts with being honest and teamwork is a requirement. At the center is A - “Accountability because being accountable means executing one’s job to achieve HSM’s desired result. 


I am drawn to HSM’s expansive manufacturing capabilities and ensuring I consider what is best strategically for our employees, shareholders, and all stakeholders.  I focus on our promise to deliver quality and value, always looking for ways our organization can grow and improve. I am committed to building off HSM’s 79 years of success and ensuring we remain a great company for years to come.


I have a passion for continuous learning and believe it is a cornerstone of our culture. I enjoy helping others see their own potential, assisting them in advancing their skills, and watching them do amazing things for HSM.


Outside of work, my passion is my family.  My wife, two sons and I enjoy sporting events, being outdoors and traveling.  I’m proud to say I’ve visited all 50 states!


Being a leader to me means having strong emotional intelligence so that I may advise others and meet them where they are, helping them achieve their goals, as well as our collective goals as a team within HSM.


Jeff Gilliam

CFO | Treasurer

I relate to all of the HEART values as all are necessary for our business model to operate well. My favorite is Results, the outcome of practicing the other four.


My role is to support the financial, procurement, insurance, and logistics teams within HSM.  I enjoy helping empower the strength of the full HSM team. With appreciation for the power of our collective knowledge and experience, our team collaborates well to support our employees in being their best.


When not working, I am usually found in some type of family activity. I also enjoy reading, walking, tennis, golf and biking.


I prefer looking forward and especially enjoy participating in strategic decisions to position HSM for long-term success.

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Ed Abrao-Netto


Corporate Development

“Accountability” is the HEART value that most resonates with me because it implicates many of the others. Being accountable means executing one’s function to achieve HSM’s objectives (i.e., results). Accountability also speaks to the trust one establishes by consistently and transparently “doing what you say, and saying what you do.”.


Ed Abrao-Netto is the Chief Legal Officer, Corporate Secretary, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for HSM, where he leads the Legal Department in providing support and counsel to HSM and its businesses regarding all commercial and corporate matters, M&A and strategic transactions, regulatory and policy issues, litigation and dispute resolution, and compliance and ethics matters.


In his corporate development role, he provides leadership and support in the development, structuring, negotiation, and execution of key transactions and initiatives.


Ed has extensive and diverse legal and business experience, having previously served in senior in-house counsel positions with a Fortune 100 publicly traded global diversified industrial company, as well as a Fortune 100 publicly traded energy and utility company. Prior to his in-house roles, Ed was in private legal practice as a corporate and finance lawyer with Am Law 100 international law firms.


Ed earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Duke University, received his J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and also completed a master’s level Certificate in Finance and Accounting from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Mark Strohmaier
Chief Strategy Officer

Accountability is the HEART value that I connect with the most. To me, this is more than just doing what you say you’re going to do and owning up to your mistakes.  Beyond this, associates who value accountability make our entire organization better by looking at any problem or issue and first asking themselves what they can do to help fix it.


My role is to lead strategic planning and product portfolio management for HSM.  I also lead the P&L for our HSM Diversified business unit. One great thing about HSM is our associates' tremendous knowledge of their markets, their products, and the company history.  Leveraging this knowledge, I enjoy collaborating with our associates to find better ways to serve our customers and shareholders.


I have a passion for combining technical and commercial excellence to deliver breakthrough growth in our businesses. Outside of my work, my passion is my family. You’ll often find me and my wife cheering on our kids at lacrosse games or the school play.

Before HSM, I held positions in marketing leadership, sales leadership, strategy, product management, and engineering for a variety of B2B manufacturers. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and I have an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Lina Young


All of our HEART values align with my personal and professional values, which is one of the many reasons why I recently joined HSM (July of 2023).  Honesty is the value that I aspire to breathe into every decision and action. Honesty is a gift you give to yourself and others. It fosters trust, respect, and deeper connections while fostering a culture of authenticity and open communication.


Having recently joined HSM, I am impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge and tenure across our vast workforce. From the production floor to the corporate floors, I see people working together towards a common mission to serve our customers. I’m privileged to lead our Human Resources and Communications organizations, where we are constantly prioritizing ways to improve how we attract, develop, inform, and retain a strong team.


Outside of work, you’ll find me with my family enjoying outdoor activities, progressing through our long list of incomplete home improvement projects, or traveling. My personal passion for exploring diverse cultures around the world keeps me grounded in humility and appreciative of all that I’m blessed to have.


Tim Becker

President MetalWorks

The HEART value that resonates most with me is Teamwork. To be able to build a team and work together to achieve a common goal is not only personally rewarding but also a very effective way for the company to be successful.


I enjoy connecting as a team to identify opportunities and work towards meeting and exceeding goals with HSM. In my position as President of MetalWorks, I am responsible for the Wire Technology business unit’s P&L as well as the Sales and Product Portfolio Management for the Wire, Bedding, and Metal / Tube Fabrication segments. This includes responsibility for Wire Technology’s manufacturing operations in North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona I take pride in bringing the right people and pieces together to win in our business.


I've always had a passion for winning. In fact, when I was in seventh grade, I won a bubble-blowing contest and the prize was a lifetime supply of gum. I ended up going through my prize in a year and sharing it with all of my friends, but the thrill and drive of winning has always been with me (pun intended).


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family and planning get-togethers where we all have time to connect. I also enjoy reading, golfing, sports, and tackling home projects.


Mike Heyn

SVP Manufacturing and Engineering

All of the HSM HEART values are core to my work philosophy. Execution is the value that resonates with me the most. Execution is where most organizations fall short, and I am proud to say that at HSM, we are committed to a servant leadership style that empowers and provides the resources our teams need to execute effectively.


Mike believes in cultivating a culture of growth and development as HSM continues to innovate and deliver on its goals. He is passionate about innovation in product design, leveraging the latest technologies, and creating systems that sustain world-class manufacturing and engineering performance.


Mike has previously served as an engineering leader in the automotive industry and brings international and domestic experiences to his role at HSM. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. When not working, Mike enjoys photography, music, and spending time with his family in Hickory.


Mark Keesling

VP of HSM Transportation

The HEART value that resonates the most with me is Honesty. Trust is foundational to healthy relationships and being open, truthful, and exercising integrity in our communications is critical to building trust with customers, employees, and suppliers. 


I’m driven by executing go-to-market strategies and I enjoy learning and developing unique approaches. In my position, I’m committed to identifying and implementing the best pathways to ongoing success for our Transportation business unit.


Inside of work, I am enthusiastic about building teams and accomplishing objectives together. I like to stay active outside of work by playing golf, pickleball, or enjoying some yard work. I treasure time with my wife, children, and grandchildren and love our adventures together. 


When it comes to expanding our footprint at HSM, I get excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. I’m always seeking new markets to pursue and new ways to build brand awareness.

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